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“We develop AI imaging solutions to increase the e-commerce market”

Our solutions:

FACE software, a disruptive AI facial checker adapted to be used through any device (smartphone, tablet, computer) thanks to a unique image processing technology that solves different challenges.1) Improvement of user´s experience and confidence in purchasing healthcare and wellbeing products through the different selling channels. 2) Generation of objective real-time information about all the skin issues needed by pharmaceutical companies to develop tailor-made skincare products.

FACE history:

  • 2018: ACTTiVAte competitive grant (H2020 project): ScanfaceÒ, Phenotipic cutaneous analysis: Biomarker definitions
  • 2019: Collaboration DNActive SL, 2019. FACE MVP, oriented to custom-made cosmetics e-commerce.
  • 2019 NEOTEC competitive grant (Spanish Ministry of Industry): Imaging analysis in psoriasis grading and pattern recognition to evaluate customized products for psoriasis.
  • 2020 SME-1 H2020 Grant: FACE: A real-time facial analysis software to improve the skincare e-commerce.

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